2024 Bexley Landmark Trees!

Friday, May 10, 2024 at 12:57 pm


The Bexley Landmark Tree program aims to identify remarkable trees within our community as distinguished landmarks, emphasizing and conserving exceptional trees deserving of acknowledgment across the city. During the spring of 2024, residents nominated their favorite American Sycamores as candidates for Landmark Tree status. The American Sycamore is native to Ohio and one of the largest hardwood species in North American. Recognizable by its distinctive bark, unique zig-zag bud arrangement, and star-shaped leaves. Be cautious, though, not to confuse it with the non-native London Plane trees, distinguished by their olive-green bark patches, unlike the white bark of the American Sycamores.

From all the American Sycamore trees nominated this spring, the following were awarded Bexley Landmark Tree status.

The 2024 Landmark trees can be found at these locations:

South Bexley:

899 Francis Ave. (Top of the driveway between 899 and 907 Francis Ave) 

1001 Montrose Ave. (Rear yard) 

824 Sheridan Ave. (Front yard) 

South end of the Capital University parking lot on Pleasant Ridge.

Central Bexley:

2552 Brentwood Rd. (Front yard) 

2180 Bryden Rd. 

2270 Bryden Rd. (Front yard)

128 S. Cassady Ave. (Front yard) 

471 S. Drexel Ave. (Tree Lawn) 

265 S. Parkview Ave. (Rear yard)

North Bexley:

333 N. Drexel Ave. (On Maryland Ave)

414 N. Drexel Ave (Front yard)

2010 E. Broad St. (West of the entrance to St. Charles) 

2100 Clifton Ave. (Pool parking lot by the creek. Est. age is 245 years) 

All 22 Sycamores on Stanbery Dr.

The 2025 Landmark Tree will be a Beech Tree species (American, European, Tri-color, and Copper Beech). Thank you to the Bexley Tree and Public Gardens Commission and the City of Bexley Urban Forestry Department for all of the TREEmendous work you do for our arboretum. Click here to learn more about what our Arboretum has to offer.

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