April Chief of Police Search Update from Mayor Kessler

Saturday, Apr 23, 2022 at 4:06 pm

Through late winter and early Spring, we’ve worked with The Saunders Group and Ralph Anderson and Associates on an extensive community and internal engagement process to help inform the posting of the new chief position. Last week we authorized the job to be posted.

The job description was crafted in light of the findings from the community feedback report, which was provided in draft text version to the search consultant and should be finalized soon (charts, tables, etc being added by Saunders group). The job posting is now live, and applications will be accepted through Friday, May 27. The timeline is now showing interviews in mid-to-late June, and should not move much now that the position has been posted.   

Chief Search Timeline – Updated

Mid-April through May: 

  • Search consultant publishes position to National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives; Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association; International Association of Chiefs of Police; National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives; Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police and begins active recruitment work
  • I will complete one-on-one officer engagement efforts; I’m approximately 2/3 of the way through this
  • Interview committee will meet and work on planning interview sessions

May 27:

  • Deadline for priority review of applications
  • Search consultant begins preliminary screenings

Early to Mid June: 

  • Search consultant recommends candidates to city for review and consideration

Mid June:

  • City interview committee interviews candidates and narrows down to finalist candidates

Late June: 

  • Finalist candidate interviews
  • Town hall / similar public forum to meet finalist candidates, facilitated with opportunity for public Q&A

Late June: 

  • Contract offer and negotiations with selected candidate

I have put together a group of diverse interview committee members with a good variety of perspectives and professional experience. There has understandably been a lot of interest in participation in this committee, and I’m really appreciative of all who have offered to help. The interview process will include members from council and from a variety of relevant council-confirmed boards and commissions; this committee will help narrow the field to finalist candidates, and then a community-wide public engagement process with finalist candidates will help inform the selection of a final candidate. 

The interview committee will include myself as well as the following individuals:
Tiffany Hunt, Civilian Review Board
Rachael Laing, Civil Service Commission
Council Member Monique Lampke
Council Member Sam Marcellino
Council President Troy Markham
Lee Nathans, Civil Service Commission
John Offenberg, Civil Service Commission

Community input will continue to be a critical and central piece of the process, both by guiding the process based on feedback received to date, as well as through the town hall / public forum portion of the finalist interview process.

I want to take a moment to thank interim Chief Ken Gough, who has stepped in capably and patiently since January as this process has been moving along.

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