City Council Meeting on Tuesday, January 26th at 6:00 pm

Monday, Jan 25, 2021 at 7:58 am


A recording of this meeting is available at the bottom of this post.

At the January 26th City Council meeting, the following items will be discussed:

  • Ordinance 01-21: Approve the collective bargaining agreement between the Fraternal Order of Police, Capital City Lodge No. 9 and the City of Bexley
  • Ordinance 02-21: Appropriate $100,000 from the Grant Reimbursed Expenditures Account of the General Fund for the purpose of paying for expenses associated with the Jeffrey Mansion Expansion and Accessibility Project after the receipt of $100,000 from the 2020 State of Ohio Capital Budget
  • Ordinance 03-21: Un-appropriate $210,000 from Pool Operations Personal Services, and to appropriate $210,000 from the Swimming Pool Fund into a Pool Management Contract line item of the Pool Operations account
  • Ordinance 04-21: Allow for vacation time buyouts for unused vacation time in excess of 10 days, in the instance where a staff member was unable to take vacation leave due to extraordinary circumstances in their job impacted by the City’s COVID-19 pandemic response
  • Ordinance 05-21: Un-appropriate $35,000 from the Salary & Wages line item of the Vehicle and Grounds Maintenance and Urban Forestry account and to appropriate $35,000 into the Turf Maintenance line item of the Vehicle and Grounds Maintenance and Urban Forestry account
  • Amended Ordinance 63-20: Support the creation of the Bexley Electricity Aggregation Program and the issuance of Request for Proposals, and to authorize a process for the Board of Control to award a contract to an electricity aggregation supplier

The following tabled legislation may be discussed:

  • Ordinance 36-20: Amending Bexley Codified Ordinance 648.09 Mayor’s Emergency Powers
  • Ordinance 43-19: Amend Chapter 1028 in order to add provisions for small cell facilities and other right-of-way considerations, and to adopt the Bexley Design Guidelines for Small Cell Facilities and Wireless Support Structures within the right-of-way

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Recording of January 26th City Council Meeting

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