February 17, 2022 Limited Flooding Event

Friday, Feb 18, 2022 at 8:15 am

On the evening of February 17, 2022, flooding in some portions of the City occurred due to a combination of snow and ice melt and sustained rain throughout the day. While not as substantial as the flood events in March and May of 2020, the hydrological conditions led to localized surface flooding as well as flooding of Alum Creek, and some portions of the sanitary system came near to or reached capacity.

Flooding in basements is complex and can involve a variety of property-specific factors. We remain committed to helping residents troubleshoot property-side issues, even as we continue to work on systemic repairs and upgrades on an accelerated schedule.

If you experienced basement or property flooding on February 17, we ask that you:

If you have any questions about property flooding or would like to discuss issues at your property, please contact the Service Department at (614) 559-4220.

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