Street Projects Update

Friday, Sep 8, 2023 at 4:00 pm

South Drexel Avenue:

Work will continue on Drexel Avenue between Fair to Dale with temporary lane and road closures as follows: 

Drexel will be closed between Fair and Dale for roadway construction this week. This block will be closed to all through traffic.  Northbound traffic will be detoured from Fair to Dawson and then north to Dale and back to Drexel. Southbound traffic will be detoured at Dale to Dawson and then south to Fair and back to Drexel. Crews will assist residents in accessing their residences throughout the construction. Please be sure to seek assistance before driving in a closed area, as drop-offs and other hazards will be present.

Sidewalks are closed on the East side of Drexel from Fair to Dale. Please use the West side sidewalks until work is complete on the East side. 

Columbia Gas Line Replacement:

Work is scheduled to continue on Pleasant Ridge Avenue this week. Work on Francis Avenue will also begin later in the week as the pipeline on Pleasant Ridge is extended to Francis and then South to Livingston. This block of Francis between Pleasant Ridge and Livingston may be closed to through traffic during the daytime working hours once this work begins.

Expect temporary road closures on Pleasant Ridge Avenue and Francis Avenue this week for pavement repairs and pipe installation. Two-way flagging or detours will be provided as necessary for these closures during working hours. Access to local residents will be provided as feasible during the workday. Residents should be aware that some delays are likely when traveling through the work zone.

Grandon Avenue:

Work will continue on Grandon Avenue between Astor and Mound this week. Grandon Avenue will be closed to through traffic during this time with no on-street parking allowed during working hours. Mound Street will be closed during working hours as needed for pipe installation across this intersection. Charles Street east of Grandon will be closed for several months to allow for material and equipment staging during construction. Notices were sent to all residents by mail on June 5th. Please notify the water department at 614-559-4273 if you are a resident of Grandon Avenue and did not receive a notice in the mail.

2023 Street Improvements:No work is scheduled for this week. The Contractor for the Street Improvements contract is tentatively planning to begin work the week of September 25th. A more detailed schedule will be provided in the upcoming weeks.

2023 Sewer Improvements:

Work is scheduled for the sanitary sewer in the alley between Vernon and S Roosevelt, North of Astor Avenue tentatively for Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of this week. There will be notices posted the residences effected by the lining on Vernon and S Roosevelt in this area. The alley will be closed to traffic during this time.

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