A Time for Reflection and Action

Friday, Jun 5, 2020 at 8:05 am

The hurt and pain that has existed for generations as a result of systemic racism is much older, deeper, and entrenched than the elevated awareness brought about by the events of the past several weeks. The community conversation that has erupted is a powerful one, and it has forced us all to rethink old systems, assumptions, and ways of relating to each other. In the City of Bexley we’ve passed enhanced non-discrimination laws, launched welcoming initiatives, expanded training around implicit bias and sensitivity among our police force and staff, reformed police policies, created new police/community programming, made reforms to Mayor’s Court, among others. But what is clearer now more than ever is we need to do more. Over the next week and beyond, there will be several events, announcements, and conversations focused on issues of equity and inclusivity. We hope that you can join us in some or all of these, and help our community learn and grow through this time.

Statement from the Mayor
Statement from the Chief of Police

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