Addressing Traffic Concerns at Bexley Middle School

Friday, Oct 29, 2021 at 4:30 pm

The Bexley City School District and the City of Bexley have been in collaboration to address the traffic congestion outside of the Bexley Middle School during release time. The traffic along Cassingham Road is a safety concern, and we are asking for your support in keeping our students safe. Beginning in November, we will be taking the following steps to address this issue:

  1. The Bexley Police Department will strive to place a Parking Enforcement Officer outside each day during dismissal. Those who block a private driveway, double park, park in the bus zone, or park next to the fire hydrant will be notified of the infraction at the time and will receive a citation in the mail.
  2. The City of Bexley will extend the yellow paint on the curb into the street to assist drivers in identifying the bus zone.
  3. Both the District and the City will provide ample warning of these new procedures through the communication channels available to each organization. 

Parents and caregivers should follow basic safety procedures when using their vehicle to pick students up from Bexley Middle School. These practices will allow everyone to leave school safely and easily. Listed below are tips to make dropping off and picking up students efficient and safe:

  1. Avoid stopping or parking in the marked bus lane.
  2. Kids should always use a crosswalk when crossing the street.
  3. Arrange for pick at any location other than on Cassingham Rd between Dale Ave. and Elm St.
  4. Try to pick students up five or ten minutes later to avoid the worst traffic congestion.  
  5. Yield to pedestrians, crossing guards, and buses, and be aware that children who are walking home may not look both ways before venturing across a parking lot or pick up lane.
  6. Obey all local speed limits in school zones.

Approximately one in six drivers are distracted. This doesn’t change once a person enters into a school zone behind the wheel. These distractions can take your eyes off your surroundings for much longer than you may realize. Pick up and drop off lines are a lot of stops and go, in addition to lots of children being around. To avoid any tragedies, please do not engage in the activities listed below while dropping off or picking up your most precious cargo.

  1. Cell phones
  2. Eating or drinking
  3. Smoking
  4. Reaching into the backseat
  5. Grooming
  6. Unless properly parked, please remain in your car
  7. Avoid double parking

Most importantly, parents should be patient, respectful, and courteous to others while they pick their students up from school. Anger and frustration can lead to careless, unsafe behavior, and being a positive role model can help students learn safe procedures.

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