Bexley Police Department Statement Regarding Incident on Saturday, May 1st

Monday, May 3, 2021 at 2:47 pm

On Saturday, May 1st, at around 2:00 pm, the Bexley Police Department received a call from a resident who had witnessed a group of juveniles entering a storage container at a construction site on Vernon, and removing items from the site. A subsequent call from the witness to police claimed that one of the suspects had issued a deadly threat after she informed him that she had called Bexley police.

Soon after the call, Bexley police officers intercepted the suspects and verified their identity. During the process of the interview, one of the suspects was initially compliant but began to leave the scene and would not return when asked by officers. Officers stayed with the suspect and when he continued to be unwilling to return to the scene of the interview, he was told that he was being placed under arrest. When the suspect refused arrest and began to actively resist arrest, he was physically restrained and handcuffed at 3:06 pm.

After the suspect was restrained, the suspect continued to resist for a period of time before calming and being transferred to a cruiser. No weapons were drawn at any time during the incident, and medics were called on scene to verify that no injury had occurred.  

Contact was made with the suspect’s mother prior to the suspect being transported to the Bexley Police Department. The suspect was then released to an adult sister pending charges at 4:02 pm. Stolen items were later recovered near the scene. The suspect is in the process of being charged with breaking and entering, aggravated menacing, and resisting arrest.  


Updated May 13, 2021


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