City Council Meeting on Tuesday, August 10 at 6:00 pm

Monday, Aug 9, 2021 at 12:00 pm


At the August 10 meeting, City Council will discuss the following items:

  • Ordinance 31-21: Create section 262.02 (c)(14)(A)(4), Vacation Accrual for New Employees, and to amend Section 262.02(c)(14)(D), Credit for Prior Service, to provide for credit for prior service to employees
  • Ordinance 29-21: Amend 618.15 (Dogs on City Park and Recreational Property), to regulate the admittance of service animals in city parks 
  • Ordinance 26-21: Amend section 262.02(e) to allow for the payout of sick leave to part-time employees upon termination from service with the City
  • Ordinance 27-21: Appropriate $281,500 from the Capital Fund and $240,000 from the Refuse Fund  for the purpose of funding mid-2021 Capital Projects
  • Ordinance 28-21: Amend section 262.02 (c)(3) to provide for Juneteenth as a holiday for employees
  • Ordinance 30-21: Create the position of “Chief Executive Assistant” 
  • Resolution 09-21: To authorize the Mayor to seek financial assistance from the Ohio Public Works Commission for funding of various capital infrastructure improvement projects associated with the proposed North Columbia Avenue and South Remington Road Comprehensive Improvements Project.
  • Ordinance 33-21: Considering a lot split at 407 Northview
  • Ordinance 34-21: Accept the material terms of the One Ohio settlement pursuant to the One Ohio memorandum of understanding and consistent with the terms of the July 21, 2021 national opioid settlement agreement and declaring an emergency.
  • Ordinance 25-21: Appropriation $2,700 from the Friends of Jeffrey Preschool Fund to pay preschool related expenses in 2021

The following tabled items may be discussed:

  • Ordinance 24-21: Award the Bexley Electricity Aggregation Program contract to AEP Energy, based upon the terms and conditions provided for in their RFP, as modified by the Board of Control
  • Resolution 05-21: A Resolution approving the 2021 Bicycle Friendly Bexley Plan
  • Ordinance 12-21: Adopt and approve the City of Bexley Electric Aggregation Plan of Operation and Governance, and to declare an emergency

Bexley City Council meetings are being held in-person at City Hall. Residents who wish to make public comment on agenda items are encouraged to attend the meeting in-person. Meetings are streamed live to our YouTube channel.

To view agendas, passed ordinances, or to learn more, visit

Recording of August 10 City Council Meeting

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