City Updates Guidance for Masking in Public Spaces

Monday, Aug 2, 2021 at 4:00 pm

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In recent weeks, we have all seen alarming new information regarding the ways in which the Delta variant can spread among vaccinated individuals, and can increase the risk to unvaccinated individuals, including children. Here in Bexley we’ve seen direct evidence of this, and we’re concerned about the health of our community and our need to protect vulnerable populations. In coordination with our COVID-19 Task Force and in keeping with updated information from the Centers for Disease Control, the City has modified the guidelines regarding the wearing of masks in public spaces.  

Effective immediately, we are recommending the following, regardless of vaccination status:

  • For Indoor Public Spaces: All individuals are recommended to wear masks when in indoor public spaces. In the instance of restaurants, we are recommending the wearing of masks unless seated at a table.  
  • For Outdoor Public Spaces: In the instances of outdoor spaces, we are recommending that all individuals wear masks if unable to socially distance, and take care to avoid any close contact with individuals from outside of their household. 

Data showing the increased transmissibility of the Delta variant also shows much better outcomes for those who are vaccinated and become infected. We join the public health community in strongly urging everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19. For resources on becoming vaccinated, please visit

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