Joint Livingston Avenue Plan Update

Friday, Feb 5, 2021 at 10:30 am

In late 2020, the City of Bexley and the City of Columbus put out a request for proposal (RFP) to develop the Livingston Avenue Corridor, and the planning process is scheduled to launch later this month.  Bexley and Columbus are developing a steering committee for the 12-month Livingston Avenue Plan framework, which is expected to launch later this month. 

This Joint Livingston Avenue Plan is being launched to provide a vision and concrete recommendations for safe and accessible infrastructure; attractive streetscape; and cooperative development and land use policies along Livingston Avenue. The plans will be focused on revitalizing the corridor and surrounding neighborhoods of Bexley, Berwick, Eastmoor, and Driving Park.

For the Joint Livingston Avenue Plan to be successful, it must engage with multiple stakeholders on the future of the corridor. In addition to representatives from the City of Bexley and City of Columbus, input from key community stakeholders; residents; business owners; religious and educational institutions and civic and neighborhood associations; will be sought through the project steering committee, stakeholder interviews and public workshops.

Overview of the 12-Month Framework

  • Phase 1 (Month 1)
    Information Gathering • Inventory & Analysis • Visioning • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Phase 2 (Months 3-7)
    Draft Design • Confirm Findings • Preliminary Vision & Challenges • Develop Concepts • Concept Exhibits • Refine Draft Concepts • Draft Final Plan
  • Phase 3 (Months 8-12)
    Final Plan & Delivery • Refine Draft Final Plan • Finalize Plan • Final Plan Report

We’ll keep the community updated as the planning process progresses and the multiple opportunities for community feedback are scheduled.

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