Keeping Your Property Safe During the Holidays

Tuesday, Dec 15, 2020 at 3:11 pm

Bexley Police typically see an increase in property thefts around the holidays, and have some tips for you to keep your property secure.

Tip #1: Lock it Up
The majority of property crime in Bexley is crime of convenience. Unlocked cars and garage doors are typical targets, especially during the holidays. Keep all types of doors locked and secured, and valuables should never be left in your vehicle. Even the trunk! Make sure not to leave packages unattended or visible from the street.

Tip #2: Shed Some Light
Porch lights, landscape lighting, garage lighting, and other forms of outdoor lighting help to deter would-be thieves. If you have security lights, make sure the bulbs are working and they’re turned on at night. If you don’t, think about investing in some security lighting for your property.

Tip #3: Keep an Eye Out
If you notice unusual activity at your neighbor’s property, call the police at (614) 559-4444 and let them know about it. Unusual activity includes door-to-door solicitors that circle the house or go to side or back doors, or irregular activity at unusual hours. Security cameras, such as the Ring doorbell or Nest security cam (among other similar products) can provide a deterrent to criminals, and also provide the Police Department with valuable evidence in instances of theft.

Tip #4: Don’t Idle Alone
Leaving an unlocked and unattended car to idle in cold weather might be a great way to warm up your vehicle, but there have been instances of theft of unattended idling vehicles. 

Tip #5: Sign Up for Vacation House Checks
Did you know that the Bexley Police Department offers vacation house checks while you’re away? To request a Bexley Police Department to conduct house checks on your property, fill out our online form by clicking here.

If you are the victim of property theft, please call the Bexley Police Department and let them know about it! Our detective bureau investigates property crimes, and is often successful in recovering stolen items and prosecuting criminals. 

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