Mayor Ben’s “Four Things Friday” 2/24/2023

Monday, Feb 27, 2023 at 1:00 pm

Mayor Ben’s “Four Things Friday”
Here are four things that might not otherwise be covered in the Blast. Have a great weekend – hope to see you soon around Bexley!  – Mayor Ben

Join me at the “New Resident Welcome Event” this Sunday
Are you new or new(ish) to Bexley?  Our new resident welcome event is a great way to connect with civic organizations, meet local leaders, and learn more about what’s going on in Bexley and how to tap in to the community.  We’re holding it at Jeffrey Mansion, with easy access to a playground and Jeffrey Woods for our younger citizens.  Hope to see you there! (More details in article above…)

“Calm Corridor” concept for for Cassingham school routes
We’ve been meeting with resident bike/ped/safety advocates for awhile now, and after some productive brainstorming sessions we met last week with our City Engineering team to discuss creating a “Calm Corridor” infrastructure campaign around Cassingham Road throughout the entire city.  A Calm Corridor is designed to prioritize bike and pedestrian safety, and to reinforce an elevated safety environment, in this instance due to Cassingham serving as the primary north/south conduit to all public school facilities.  Before we go too far down a planning path we’ll be reaching out to residents for feedback on concepts being explored. 

City Council Approves Update to the Jeffrey Mansion policy
At this Tuesday’s Council meeting, Council passed a modification to the Jeffrey Mansion alcohol policy, allowing for greater flexibility for events based on feedback we’ve received through our rental process.  Thanks to all who provided feedback on the policy, and if you need more info on booking your next Mitzvah or reception, visit

Tapping for Maple Syrup 
You may have noticed the maple sap buckets out at Jeffrey Woods a little earlier this year.  With an unseasonably warm late winter season, we’ve had to tap earlier than ever before, and trees and flowers are beginning to wake up for spring in an alarmingly premature fashion.  This weekend, we’ll be teaching participants of our maple syrup program how to tap and identify maple trees, leading up to next weekend’s Jeffrey Woods Festival and associate maple syrup boil.  More info above about the festival, which is open to all.  This is a great annual tradition, and I hope you can join us!

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