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Mayor Kessler Announces Appointments to the Role of Complaint Liaison

Friday, Aug 14, 2020 at 6:31 pm

Any allegation of misconduct involving an employee of the City is taken very seriously. In an effort to have full insight into any issues experienced by citizens living in or visiting Bexley, the City has taken several steps to ensure the citizen complaint process is accessible, safe, and accountable. One such initiative is the creation of the Complaint Liaison program. The role of a Complaint Liaison is to help citizens navigate the complaint process, answer any questions they might have, and provide resources and assistance as needed. Liaisons are third-party consultants and are not employees of the City. Liaisons are encouraged to provide guidance, information, and empathy throughout the process, but do not legally represent the complainant.

Citizen complaints are filled out online at, or can be made in writing at the Bexley Police Station or City Hall. To learn more about the process and the liaison program, please visit

At the August 11th City Council meeting, Mayor Kessler announced the appointment of Sam Marcellino and Mary Younger to the role of Complaint Liaisons.

About Sam Marcellino, Esq.

Sam Marcellino has been a practicing attorney since 2013, serving as an associate at two different law firms here in Columbus. Prior to graduating with his Juris Doctorate, Sam was awarded several accolades and scholarships to honor his commitment to equal opportunity, public service, and student involvement. Currently, Sam is involved with the Ohio State Bar Association, Columbus Bar Association, Ohio Association for Justice, among other roles within community organizations. 

About Mary Younger, Esq.

Mary Younger has provided direct legal representation to indigent persons charged with criminal offenses in Franklin County for 36 years. Her work has included negotiating appropriate charges with police, prosecution, and continuing representation until the conclusion of the case. Her background as a public defender provides her with a strong sense of empathy and familiarity with issues facing citizens from all walks of life

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