Electric Aggregation Survey

Friday, Oct 8, 2021 at 4:20 pm

We’ve been working to bring Ohio-based 100% wind and solar energy to every household in Bexley through a program called Community Choice Electrical Aggregation, and we’re looking for community input on the program.

The difference between this and electric utility options that are currently available to you is that the proposed program would source from local renewable projects, helping to develop and then purchase power directly from newly created solar and wind farms, as opposed to purchasing “credits” from existing renewable power suppliers. Also, the program would roll out to the entire community, meaning that the majority of Bexley households would receive 100% clean energy and collectively reduce our community’s carbon footprint. The main risk of the new program – which all residents would be automatically enrolled in unless they choose to opt-out – is that the cost to the homeowner or small business is variable and may exceed market rates. 

Survey responses will help City officials in determining a path forward for community choice aggregation. Please note that this form is intended to be completed by the person in the household who makes or helps make decisions regarding purchasing utilities for the household.

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october, 2021