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Mayor Ben’s Four Things Friday – 3/29

Friday, Mar 29, 2024 at 4:40 pm


Here are a few things happening in Bexley that (mostly) aren’t otherwise covered in this week’s Blast. Have a great weekend! – BK

Recently, City light poles, utility boxes, tree lawns, and trees have become a staging point for statements in the form of stickers, signs, and ribbons. I have personally found some of these to be heartwarming and a show of solidarity, and others to be distressing and to feel more like defacement than statement. Regardless of anyone’s personal views, City ordinances prohibit such attachments under the view that public infrastructure is not an appropriate location for personal statements. As such, we have begun the process of respectfully removing attachments to city property. Ribbons on street trees will be folded neatly and placed at the fronting residence with a letter of explanation, and ribbons on trees in medians will be removed, folded neatly, and will be at city hall for any individuals wishing to have them. Stickers and signs will be removed when identified. Thank you for your understanding as we follow the laws the of our City. 

This week, City Council unanimously passed an ordinance to rezone Livingston Avenue to Mixed Use Commercial with a Livingston Avenue overlay. A recommendation in the City’s adopted strategic plan as well as the Joint Livingston Avenue Plan and the Southwest Bexley Strategic Framework, this rezoning allows for a more neighborhood and mixed use commercial focus on the Livingston Avenue frontage, paving the way for a reimagined streetscape that aims to slowly but steadily transform Livingston Avenue into a calmer, safer, more pedestrian-focused corridor. Additionally, the zoning ordinance cleans up the conditional use criteria across all zoning districts as well as containing a variety of code cleanups. In conjunction with an $18 million federally funded project that we are pursuing jointly with the City of Columbus to dramatically calm and beautify Livingston Avenue, there is exciting change ahead for the future of Livingston.

This summer’s Mural Festival, launching with seed funds from the Bexley Community Foundation, is shaping up wonderfully. The call for artists is live as of today, but the real promotional push to the artist community starts next week. Look for more details to come, but the Mural Festival will focus on 3-4 amazing murals to be painted during August with live music, food vendors, and interactive art events on location during installation. Keep an eye on as this energetic event starts to take off!

Speaking of events, our summer events calendar is off the hook! Even as final details are coalescing, take a look at this fun DRAFT graphic (maybe even print it out and hang it on the fridge!) to get a feel for the fun we’re bringing to Bexley in the coming months!

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